Online Reputation Management

What is online reputation management?

Your brand reputation will determine customer perception, both on and off the internet. With the reach of the internet, a bad reputation could affect user perception and influence the flow of traffic and the success of your brand.

Online reputation management involves a number of techniques and strategies that are designed to help manage visible content which may affect your brand’s publicity. By influencing the information that people may find, you will be better placed to protect your brand from potential fallout of a bad reputation.

Why do you need online reputation management?

These are some of the reasons why you need to seek online reputation management service providers immediately.

It will increase sales

For eCommerce websites, online reputation management will prevent any loss of potential customers. Before making a purchase, customers will research your website, as well as the quality of your goods and/or services. They will look for reviews by other users, which will shape their final decision. Online reputation management makes them more likely to view positive results, which will boost your client base and the performance of your business.

It will protect you during a crisis

Businesses and individuals may be prone to online crises, which may provide a lot of negative information about them. Without reputation management, they may be at an increased risk of collapsing their brand. Considering the reach of the internet, news can travel very quickly. Your brand may be at risk of irreparable damages during times of crises because negative information may be released and accessed very quickly. ORM maintains your great reputation during such times, and reduces the risk of brand collapse.

It can help build credibility and trust

You need to have your clients’ trust in order to run a successful business, both on and off the internet. Clients will discuss your business with their friends, family and followers on different social media platforms and in real life. It can influence the trust of potential customers, which could negatively affect your business. ORM will reduce the risk of potentially negative reviews harming your business. It will maintain high confidence in your goods and/or services, and ensure that clients maintain trust in your business.

How can you improve online reputation management?

Analyse your current reputation

In order to improve your reputation, you have to know how you are currently perceived. You also need to develop reputation goals, in which you determine the online reputation that is appropriate for you. Choosing whether clients will perceive you as an industry authority, market leader or an excellent customer service provider will help you create the necessary reputation strategy to achieve these goals.

Develop a social media strategy to boost reputation

You will need to develop and maintain a great online presence to suit your desired reputation. You can do so by using social media to improve your brand and its reputation. However, you will need to develop a social media strategy to help protect your reputation. You should create a framework for posting, which clearly directs your employees on what they can post. You can do this by creating a pre-approval process for double checking, or requiring that they separate personal and business content.

Develop content strategy to help achieve the desired reputation

A content strategy will help you stick to relevant topics, and could be important to growing your brand. You should develop social media goals, which will guide how and where you post. You should also research content thoroughly, to make sure that you find content suited for your audience.