Local SEO

What is Local SEO marketing?

Local SEO is an effective marketing strategy that targets users within a specific geographical location. Local searches, which make up to 47% of all search engine queries, make use of the ‘Near me’ option to help users find results within a specific location.

Local SEO will help make your business more visible to local clients. Unlike standard SEO, local SEO involves more than just website optimization. You can boost your local SEO through print and verbal advertising strategies, wince your target audience is located near your business.

Why do you need local SEO marketing?

Local searches are becoming more prominent. They are considered as more custom made for the user than organic searches. More people are searching for results “Near me” than ever before. Local SEO marketing could help your business take advantage of this opportunity for a better rank and improved performance.

Search engines continue to adapt local searches into their ranking algorithm. Your geographical vicinity to the user might influence your rank within their searches. Taking up local SEO marketing will improve your visibility to local users, which will help you reach your target audience easily.

Local search results (SERPs) will provide detailed location information, pictures and ratings that will hep local customers find your business easily. Local SEO has the highest conversion rates of any online business strategy, which suggests that it is a viable platform for marketing.

Only a few businesses feature local SEO marketing, meaning that it could be a key element of competitive advantage for your business.

How to boost local SEO

Local SEO will boost your visibility to local client bases through “Near me” searches. You should consider developing a local SEO strategy to help your business capture the local market. These local SEO optimization tips are almost necessary for every winning strategy.

Using a schema markup

A local schema map will help your business rank higher in local searches. It will provide more local information about your business, which will improve its chances of featuring higher on the local search list.

Using localized content on your site

Search engines will consider the relevance of the information provided on your website when ranking your page. If you want to rank better in localized searches, you should consider developing unique location-targeting service pages that specify the local area of operation. It is a great idea to feature a map with your location on it as well.

Using reviews to your advantage

Nine out of ten people will consider a review just as much as they would a recommendation from their relative or friend. By soliciting reviews from users, as well as developing review-building strategies that help boost your site’s credibility and perception, your website will be better placed to feature higher on local search results.

Using NAP Citations

Name, address and phone numbers (NAP) will help potential clients find your business. In order to boost local SEO, you should consider listing NAP citations in local directories and platforms. Use Yelp, the BBB and other such directories for a better local ranking. You may also consider industry specific directories. You should make sure that the information is correct, and the same across all platforms.